We rejected the

 attack on US


We rejected attack on US that happen in 11 sep but we did not find anyone rejected for our rights that infringe in different places like   Palestine , Kashmir and others.

When we speak about people in Palestine and how Israel do on them , most of Christian said Israel was chosen by God.

Despite we do not share that, but when we see the scene, you will find wonderful thing: the Jews came to Palestine from different countries like Europe, Us, Russia and other places and took the land from others people and established houses for them and occupied the cities in 1948 and drive away its inhabitant and converted the mosques that prepare to worship God to bars and houses for cows, did you imagine that? and today when Palestine want less than the half of their lands and leave out the remaining for Israel.

Israel come and kill the people and when the people want to defense on their self, the world say these are terrorist and this is same the attack on US. is that logic? Palestine spent more than ten years negotiated with Israel and what is the result? nothing the kill increase day after day and occupied increase also and no interest from that negotiation and when the world speak will say Palestine are terrorist.

let us take other example, in Kashmir: people there want to be independent from India as many countries which take its independent like US from Britain, the world come and the people will take their freedom because you know the people of Kashmir are Muslims and India Are Hindus and nothing happen from that. Imagine this image: in Kashmir the soldiers of India when they finished from kill the men they rape the women and we did not listen organizations of human rights and organizations that defense on the women said thing, all agree with that.

and let us go back to independent Kashmir from more than 40 years to now, there is no solution to Kashmir. now let us leave near to Indonesia to city called  Eastern Temoor, most people there are Christian and Indonesia is Muslim. what do you think was happen, the World said Indonesia will give Eastern Temoor their freedom, never that did not happen so what happened. the World met to Security Council and took decision to give Eastern Temoor independent although this situation did not take many years.

so is it justice for Christian or others the justice apply, for Muslims nor.